Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Painting Table #8 2016

I managed to actually get stuff done quickly over the weekend and the first few days this week. Namely I did my whole Pan O half of Operation Icestorm. Overall I like how they turned out
Here are 3 pictures showing all 7 of them.
 I decided the next goal is to paint a chunk of the deadzone stuff and then I will do a bunch of marines. So here are all the enforcers that need to be done.

So that is 7 more models to the total for the year. It also crosses off another part of the to do list. Actually with the skeletons from last post that is two things. At the moment I don't have any more Frostgrave stuff to paint. That will change at some point this year but for now it is all done.
More as I get it done.

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