Sunday, June 12, 2016

Painting Table #16 2016

Nothing finished off this week but here are a few work in progress shots.
This first one show a small selection of the terrain that is being base coated for frostgrave/mordheim. Me and my oldest worked on them this week.
When not doing that with my oldest I continued on the details for these 20 marines. Which being old metal sterguard models means there is a lot to paint. I hope to finish that off in the next few days and then move on to the touch up work.

I did however spend a good chunk of cash, $79 . I restocked on a bunch of paints and such and also splashed out for the next frostgrave book and some of the gnolls. Wasn't originally going to get the models but I love the look of the gnolls.

More as I get it done,


  1. Paint costs really sneak up on you...especially when a new type comes out...haha

  2. Actually a large part of it was brushes, tool cleaner and airbrush cleaner. But yeah when I made the switch it cost a decent chunk.