Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Broke my own rules

First off I have not quite made the 125 point goal but as you will see in tomorrow's post I am only a few points a way and maybe able to even finish painting the last few points tonight. So I decide to order my minis and such and went big on it.

I ordered the following
-$96.88 Dzc Shaltari Starter
-$70.06 Dzc braves, neptune, immortals and FSA rule book
-$54.19 Fsa Dindrenzi starter

This enables me to play both FSA and DZC now that I have two factions for both. This brings this months expenditures to:

March: +$538.10 -$165.00 -$221.13 =$161.97

YTD total: $32.44

I think I will end up back in the negatives because I still need to do a order for omni stands and when I finally get around the 200 point mark I want a baccus 6mm Napoleonic Prussian army.

Until tomorrow's painting update


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