Monday, March 4, 2013

February spending YTD and Painting challenge YTD

Honestly, I am a little disappointed in my painting results but couldn't avoid a lot of the things that caused me not to finish my 20 man roman unit I have been working on. However, all in all it was still a good month.

On the YTD spending I spent nothing in february but also sold nothing. This I plan on changing this month. Probably by feebay. So the grand total for spending is as follows:

Jan: -$119.53
Feb: $0.00
YTD total: -$119.53

As for the paining challenge I did well but not as good as I would have liked. This was mainly due to the many holidays in the past month and people getting sick (me included). It was however, better than last month. This month did see the completion of the first two 20 man units of Romans  the completion of 6 plasma cannon marines, 5 assault marines and 1 razorback/predator type tank (to be determined when I order the bits). So the YTD painting challenge is:

Jan: 20 points
Feb: 76 points
YTD total: 96 points
Left until goal: 204

On the table at the moment is the 20 man unit I have been working on and 2 rhino/razorback tanks. I will post later this week when I make a bit more progress on them.

Until then,

ps. I am still looking for some good 10mm blogs especially ancients/Napoleonic themed.

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