Thursday, April 24, 2014

Foray to the dark side #2: 40k edition

I got two sets of stuff for my go to Chinese website with the lander and thunderhawk from last post

I got a figure I will use for my warlord for my marines. He set me back $14.30   and can be found here. He needed no real cleanup. Just cut a piece off of his foot and the hammer and smoothed the out. He will also be one of the key pieces in my modified force. Which will be revealed next week. Keeping the shield separate for now so he can be properly painted up. The shield is a good hint at my plans FYI.

The second thing I got was a turret set up for my rhino/razorbacks. This set was a great deal and looks like it was just clipped off a sprue. It came with 1 heavy boltter and 1 lascannon pair as normal, but it also came with two turret assemblies and a few other bits. Set me back $6.90 and was found here.

Overall I am very happy with this round of purchases and look forward to getting more in the future.


  1. Thanks for posting these. Are the razorback pieces plastic or resin?

    1. unless its a type of resin I have never seen before, they look, feel, cut and smell like plastic. Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks! I'm going to give them a shot with the reculsium command squad chaplain. (Which GW won't sell by himself, and ebay always wants 30 bucks for). Appreciate the articles and blurbs!