Monday, May 5, 2014

Plans for the future and a reach out for help.

I will start out with my request for help. I am looking for epic Armageddon or epic 40k space marine scouts. A bunch of them, like 13 stands worth. I have had no luck locating them and I would rather not have to use another company as subs. I would like to be able to finish off my chapter as a pure epic model one. So if you know anyone, have them yourself or whatever please drop me a line. I am willing to pay a reasonable price but not the absurd ones I keep getting offered.

Now plans wise the Space marines have been at the forefront of my thoughts along with a few other projects. I will start with the marines today and try to get some other peoples opinions. Then move on to the other projects in future posts.

First off I will need more basic bodies to fulfill my plans. I am thinking 15-20 new bodies with minimum of 10 shield set ups maybe as many as 15 for extra options and fun. The main dilemma I am having here is armor type(s). So during this long weekend I browsed yoymart to come up with some ideas.

Now my favorite armor is the good old corvus MK VI. I have always loved the look of these guys since I first started playing. I can get the boarding assault upgrades easily enough as well but then it starts getting expensive around 200 for the 20 kited out guys. Now part of the problem is I also need some other guys for fleshing out squads in general. So I am thinking what I do is buy  2 or 3 breacher squads and then 2 or 3 corvus  and maybe one upgrade set.  This will give me 20-30 bodies 16-18 of which will be outfitted as boarders along with a few of the old sternguard I have running around as sarges. Will still be expensive but also a decent amount cheaper in long run. It will also be something I can build up over time.

I am also debating grabbing a twin-linked plasma and lascannon set for the razorbacks, could be nice to have one running around, along with a stalker/hunter upgrade, mainly because I have a feeling I will need some anti air at one point.

Also just an interesting think I noticed while shopping on there they have added a few BFG ships, the BFG fortress and a few other odds and ends for specialist games that I don't remember seeing before.
Then of course there is this guy that keeps talking to me every time I see that website, I will give in one day and get him.

More in the future.

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