Friday, May 16, 2014

Spending money and such

So first off, I slapped a bit of paint on a new gundam my son got. Not much to look at but building and painting this old kit still took up a lot of my free time this week. But he is happy since it looks more like the one on the box and I am happy since I got to do a bit of painting. No picture though because he took it as soon as it was dry and ran away to grandma's for a few days.

Now I did spend a bunch this week. I backed the asteroids kickstarter, -$23.52. I bought 10 thudguns and mole mortars off fee bay for -$20.00.

Then I decided to hell with it I am sick of trying to find these needed scout models (shadow knight cell). So I ordered 20 stands worth of these guys and some extra bases for -$56.27. They are from steel crown productions by the way. Review in the future.

Guild Shadow Knight Cell

Then I rounded it off by picking up a couple new paints and restocking on the blue for my epic just in case, -$11.33.

An expensive week to say the least. So that puts me at:

May: 2 points
YTD: 99.25 points
models painted:261
Models bought: 132

Painting table tomorrow with the progress made on the epic stuff. Don't forget people there is still time to sign up for ME36.


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