Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ouch goes the wallet

So as many might have noticed I have been checking out a lot of the sales that are going on. Well I bit the bullet and ordered some stuff. Unfortunately it has destroyed my spending goal but the deals are too good to pass up. So here is what I got.

Mercs- I got the winter bundle. Which is a rule book and 2 starters. I picked texico and ISS. They seem like fun and the price is crazy low. I encourage you too check out this deal if you have wanted to get into the game and just hadn't pulled the trigger.

Then I hit up miniature market. There sale is crazy, I could have easily spent $500 but I restrained myself and picked up things I had wanted for awhile but just hadn't bitten the bullet and bought.
From them I picked up a Mantic Battlezone Urban District and the FSA Aqua dreadnought group. I got both of them for less than the cost of just the dreadnought group normally.

Nov: -$148.02
YTD: -$463.10

So guys now is the time to strike while there is still time for some of the sales. Good luck and you can see the ones I found here.
Also look forward to more new content with these models.


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