Saturday, November 22, 2014

Painting table #26 and other odd/interesting things

So as you can see the detachments are still there. but I have finished them off. So that is 22 more models and a total of 9.75 points.  I have also added a bunch more draws to the desk and sorted and filled them. They are mainly full of things for current or my next projects. 

Odd things 
Now for the odd things and this comes with the normal clause of my Korean is no where near perfect but what I have gathered. From what I have figured out the only store in Korea has been banned by the government the ability to sell any metal or resin blisters basically of less than 30 pieces. Due to not being safe for children of the age of 12. There are some exceptions to this but even with those this is an interesting and devastating for the shop itself. From what I was able to gather one of the main problems is the government doesn't consider the actual recommended ages by the manufactures but goes off their own age brackets, also that the reason this matters is because these models are all classified as toys in South Korea. The main things this really effect it seems are GW blisters, Spartan games blisters infinity blisters etc and etc. The only way this really effects me personally is it means I have no chance of buying a number of things in South Korea and will never see a large number of games ever enter the Korean market.

Interesting things
The merger for FFG is one fore me. I know nothing of the french company but I hope it means great things in the future. 
KOW2 kickstarter is doing well but after backing the original one I really don't think it is worth it, especially after the lack luster support post KS for KOW last time.
I am still eyeballing the anarchy model stencils but also still very undecided. 
There have been many interesting realeses recently though from many different companies and I look forward to buying more stuff.

More next time and WAHOOO thats 350.25 points. Also tomorrow there will be some an announcement so tune in.


  1. Oh man... looking at your Epic paint progress is making me want to break mine out of their containers and finish them!

  2. Go for it. Epic is great since it doesn't take a lot of time and can simply be done. I am thinking of doing an epic tau army using proxies.