Saturday, February 21, 2015

Painting Table #7 2015

Today's painting table is more a general finished model display and plans for the last week.
I finished off the last 6 sniper drones and the 3 marksmen.

During the last week I hope to do the drones for the Rvanar and get more base coating of the Rvanar done. I wont finish him off because the rush would just make it turn out nasty. I am going to take my time and hope to get him done right.

I also have 2 more models on the table I hope to finish off in this coming up month, darkstrider and a fireblade guy. After that I have more suits and firewarriors to do mainly, oh and a butt ton of drones.

So thats 9 more models finished and 18 more points.

More as I get it done and feedback is always appreciated.

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