Monday, February 16, 2015

Reveal of terrain project and more completed models

So first off I finished off 3 of the 9 sniper drones.

 Then I also completed my terrain project. Which is actually a small/medium sized planet to use in firestorm armada/xwing/etc.

It's grey primer with some orange fire painted randomly on top.Then a bit of red ink spread about. Finally leviathen purple wash or whatever gw used to do blotted on top with some paper towel.
I'm going to go with 3 points for the planet and of course the 2 for each drone. So that is 9 more points 3 models and 1 piece of terrain finished off.

More as I get it done. I am thinking green or blue for the next planet. I have 1 more of that size and 1 much larger one waiting to be done.


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