Monday, March 7, 2016

Paunting SOS and an FYI

Let us start with the FYI. Shapeways is doing free shipping on orders over $25 till March 13. So it is a great time to grab stuff.

Now the big question that I need help with. I have been trying to figure out how to do the purple and bone white on my plague models. But have hit a road block on how to get the blending right without going to far. Any suggestions would be great. I use vallejo game color paints mainly.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


  1. Not really a blend guy myself, so hopefully someone else can give you some tips. Like the way he is already looking though!

    1. No worries. Any other techniques you would suggest?

    2. If you are painting with thin paints, or washes/glazes, you could do a zenithal highlight with your primer/undercoats, so that the upper sections are lighter then the lower sections, allowing a soft blend between the washes.

      I'm horrible at brush blending...ask me weathering questions though :)

    3. By the way that is just primer and ink. :)