Monday, March 14, 2016

Quick update and Spartan Games

Let us start with the quick update. Nothing has been painted as I try and work out my problems with color on spare sprue. I have been cleaning some of the frostgrave minis and built an airfix tank for my oldest. I have also backed the This is not a test kickstarter. I have been actually waiting months for this. So check it out to support a great indie game and get some good deals. For me even just the rule book and shipping is cheaper than getting it printed and bound by a place here in color. I will update when I finish deciding how much I am spending.

Now for Spartan. The recent email I received about there membership deal is interesting. It is something you see often if you play free MMORPG's. I think it has the possibility of being a good thing. The price is also reasonable. Many years ago now, like 15, the FLGS I went to did a similar idea for 50 a year and they gave you a tshirt and a special deal when buying a bunch of 40k or fantasy. If it wasn't for me only needing 1 more box of models from them to complete the forces I have between two systems I would be tempted. The freebies they are showing as the first ones are decent overall and offer something for just about all of their core games. The discount is also as good as most online retailers for their products. I look forward to seeing how this develops in the long term.

That is all for now. More as I get stuff done.

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