Sunday, January 1, 2017

Recent work and 2016 in review

This past year hasn't been as good as I wanted. But I still managed to complete four of my projects.
1. Pano Icestorm stuff
2. Deadzone stuff
3. BFG Space Marines
4. Terrain painting/assembly

These were the four main projects I finished off.  The  Space Marine forces are doing well and will be shown lower down.  Frostgrave stuff is about halfway done. The converted sisters haven't even been started yet. Tab updates are going going well need to redo all my pictures after I finish moving.  Part of it is that I am having to wait on models to come in. Then there is my secret new project that I hadn't reviled yet but is set below.

My new project is three trafalgar fleets. I have so far finished off the Spanish fleet after getting some special equipment. I still need to complete the American and Pirate fleets I got. But those will not be finished till after my move.

In the meantime I am working on the marines again. Right now is the terminator detachment. These will not be completed anytime soon because I need to order more arms and shoulder pads in. I still need to pick up more tacticals too. Maybe 20 of them so that I can finish off the army.
Anyway more updates in the near future as I try and get back on track.

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