Thursday, February 21, 2013

Space marines and Romans and more progress.

Today we start with a picture of my work space. As you can see I have been up to quite a bit recently.

So here is a shot of my Romans where I have gotten there skin painted but still need to wash it. Then I just need to finish shields and add arms and heads to command guys.

Next up we have the Space Marines I have finished. First up is the 5 plasma cannons I have finished. I still have 1 more on the workbench that is almost finished.

Then we have another 4 assault marines that I have finished. There is 1 more that has 1 arm left to paint and then it will be finished as well.

So this brings my YTD painting to as follows:
Feb: 49 points
YTD: 69 points
Left until 1st goal: 6 points
Left until final goal: 231 points

Over the next few days I will finish up the 2 almost finished marines and then I will finish off the Romans. All they have left is painting shields, doing the arms/instruments/banner for command and doing the wash on the skin.

Till next time



  1. Thanks the self given painting challenge and encouragement from others has really helped me to start painting. At the moment I am working on a rhino as well. Heck maybe I will even finish my 300+ model IG army one day.