Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Flight stands and DZC models

I ran into an interesting problem with my omni stand stuff and my DZC models. Mainly they are just too big. See the picture for an example.

For the PHR it is so large, never mind ugly, that I could magnetize the slots to hang the tanks and walkers underneath. But then they would have to be dedicated to specific units and it would also look bad. With the shaltari it just looks bad.

I think the UCM would have the same problem as the PHR and It may still look bad on the scourage as well.

The solutions
There are two solutions. The first is to use the original flight stands and special pegs that were provided by hawk wargames and by all reports work well. The second option is to dish out the cash for the rods with a magnet on top made by the same company as the rest of the omni stand stuff. This would be quite expensive as my collection grows. It also has the possibility of another problem, I think the top of the rods with the magnets may be to large as well.

So the question, which option do you guys think I should try?


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