Monday, March 3, 2014

February round up.

I will fully admit that the only reason for February being such a good hobby month is I wasnt working. At the same time I did finish off a huge amount. I managed to complete one goal, have made a dent in another and painted a rather large number of actual in game points. So in review here is what I have painted.

1st company veterans (19 stands in total)
2nd company, battle company ( 3 tactical stands, 4 assault stands, 10 rhinos)
2x warlords
4x warhounds

FSA Dindrenzi
1x battleship
1x carrier
3x cruisers
6x frigates

DW Brit
1x aircraft carrier (the name escapes me atm)
6x escorts
6x flight tokens

Bombshell miniatures
1x betty

I cant say I am disapointed with anything out right. but I do think that many of the models look much better when as much as possible is done with the airbrush and only details done with regular brush/
Points wise here is how I ended up.

Feb:73.50 points
YTD total: 73.50 points

This is a huge dent in my goal for the year so I am quite happy.
painted: 174
bought: 4
trade in: 21
trade out: 5
Sold: 0

I cant be to disappointed with that. Especially since I have formulated a plan for dealing with my space marines, which I will discuss in the future. The main thing I still need though is 13x epic space marine scout stands :(.

DW: 365 points
FSA:650 points
epic: 2450+ points
total: 3465+ points

This is well on the way of reaching my goal for the year. The reason for the + points is I still need to figure out the exact points for the titans. At the moments that score only includes the cost of their hulls not their weapons.

Finally we have the spending.
Feb: -$40.07
YTD total: -$67.25

No complaints there what I bought is what I bought. Most of that was one tool and the rest is stuff I will be showing off in the future. That tool has already proved useful.
I have also achieved my 3rd goal which was finishing off the dindrenzi.


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