Monday, March 10, 2014

P3 wet palette review

 I have been using this now for about a month. Overall I have found it very useful. In the past i tried making my own wet palette a few times but never got satisfactory results.

Let me explain why I recommend this in general. The main reason this is so useful in my opinion is the actual box itself. For me this was always the biggest annoyance, not getting a container that properly seals. The box also comes with a stack of papers and the sponge. I have found it works quite well. I have had paints last as long as a week when I remembered to top up the water.

So it is a wet palette and it fulfills the function of the wet palette perfectly fine. Though only reason I recommend buying this one is pure laziness. It gives you everything you need to get going. In the future you don't need to buy paper from PP so that will save you some money in the future. I got mine from Troll Trader. Honestly, I get a lot of my stuff from them because they are fast and reasonably priced. If you are happy making your own and happy with the results, don't waste your money. There are plenty of guides for making them, but as I said I was never satisfied with the end product. Were this one works perfectly fine for me.



  1. I have one as well, and am fairly happy with my purchase. However, the sponge foam that's included in this kit really bites. It doesn't really wick the water up from the bottom of the container like a good wet palatte sponge should.

    What worked for me was visiting my local art supplies shop, picking up a replacement sheet of real artist wet palatte sponge (no need to buy a complete wet palatte, just a sheet of sponge), and cut it to fit the P3 kit.

    Like you said, the container is great. It's just the right size, seals decently well (although i wouldn't take it places with water inside), and it's not super expensive. It's just that I question the company's decision to put packing foam in there... that stuff was great for my GW blister packs way back in the day, but it stinks for wet palattes.

    I did a writeup on the Sta-Wet sponge some time ago on my blog, and I'm still using the same sheet of sponge from 2-3 years ago. Works great.

    1. lol actually I know that post. That is were I learned about the brush cleaner I know use. I will probably do that in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.