Thursday, March 6, 2014

Osprey Review #3

Today's review will be from the Osprey men at arms series, Artillery Equipments of the Napoleonic Wars.
Now for the short and sweet of it there are a few parts of this book that could be useful to many Napoleonic wargamers. The most useful part is actually one of the things that many people look at the most closely in these books, the plates. The range of color plates in this book are excellent because it shows how all the equipment was painted and such. Along with the normal uniforms and such. There is also a really useful table on page 16 for general color schemes of all the major and some of the minor countries as well. Note this is specifically for the woodwork and metal carriage fittings. It also notes colors of the barrels as well in a separate paragraph. 

The rest of the book deals with giving detailed descriptions of how the equipment evolved and changed. Along with descriptions about ammunition and other little such things.  In all most of the book if your not actually interested in the topic is very dry. However, page 16 and the color plates are very useful for gamers who are trying to figure out how to paint there artillery.


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