Sunday, April 12, 2015

Painting Table #10 2015

So here is what I have been able to get done.
 First off what I did  that the photos turned out horrible on. Buildings and such. I have been gluing and finishing up assemble on all the mantic terrain I have. I am about half way done.

Next up is the assembly of old tyranid models that I bought my oldest for his birthday. Here you can see one of the metal ones  in the process of being built.

I also stripped some more marines. Few older marines with my much loved heavy weapons.

Finally we have the painting for the arms.

The dilemma I am having with these arms is that I cant get all the little parts painted. There are some parts that even at the 1 foot distance you cant see them except at a specific angle but if you get closer you can see areas where the green base coat didn't get to. I think I might finish the touch up on one of them that hasnt had it and then spend maybe 20 or 30 min tops trying to reach those places and then call it quits. I have spent crazy amounts of time on them already.

More as I get it done.


  1. It can be so frustrating when you think you are finished, only to find the Basecoat has been insufficient for coverage. Happened to me many times so I feel your pain

  2. Painting mini's is sometimes it's own reward...and it's own frustration. We see things while painting the mini's that will only ever show up in photos or in our minds. Sometimes I find it useful to blu-tact the arms or limbs on the model, and make sure I'm not spending a huge amount of time on a section you can't even see.

    1. Problems not on the body but the arms themselves. Hence I'll give it another 20 or so min an arm then call it quits otherwise it will drive me nuts for that exact reason.