Sunday, April 19, 2015

Painting Table #11 2015

Both me and the oldest got down to some good painting time this week. Before I get to that I will be giving my readers first crack at my DZC stuff. I have decided to cut back on systems and this is one I am willing to sacrifice compared to some of the others.

 I did more work on the arms and called it quits and then started on the legs. I hope to finish the legs off this coming week.
The oldest finished of the marauder vehicle thing from Mantic and started working on one of the tyranids he got for his birthday.

 I also spent a big chunk of change earlier this week. I bought all the bits I need to finish off my dreadnoughts, all the models I need to scratch build a 1000 point Dark Eldar fleet, a 1000 point tau fleet, 3 more xv9's with phased ion guns and another broadside. I think that's everything I got but honestly would have to double check. Means I spent $187 more, and I have to tally up the actual models bought which I know is at least 13. Anyway more as I get it and look forward to some reviews. I also plan on sitting down this coming up week and trying to get enough scratch building done to finish off the next tutorial post for the earthshaker.



  1. Woo that riptide is coming along nicely!

    1. Starting to think your a computer Greg. I keep finding you everywhere I look. Your the anti Waldo. Thanx by the way, it should be done soon.

    2. I like mini's, what can I say. And I made it a personal goal to comment on blogs I visit..because so many great people working on wonderful things, and never enough comments on them!