Sunday, May 17, 2015

Status of projects and more details for 6MMRPC

Right now as you can see from the last post I am working on finishing up the initial schemes and such on the custodian and protectors. After that I want to spend whatever free time I can assembling the other 2 earth shakers. Hopefully, I will finish the assembly of them before the 6MMRPC starts up on June 1st.

After that here is what remains of the other current priority projects with the models I currently have for them:

40k Tau
Xv9 fusion x3
Xv9 phased ion x3
Broadside x2
Xv9 leader suit x1 (named forgeworld model that escapes me at the moment)
firewarrior/pathfinder x57
Kroot shaper x2
Kroot x24
Drones x 20+/-
total=112 models

Warden x 3
Castellan x 3
Total= 6

40k Marines
tactical/sternguard x 49
dreadnought x3
terminators x19
heavy weapons x 4
total= 75

FSA Aqua
14 random ships (escorts, dread and 2 other types)

Dystopian Wars
frigates x 12

texico/iss starters x13

So yeah a lot of work to do. Somewhere around 230 models to do. This doesnt count other possible projects I have running around like deadzone stuff or the scratch built BFG fleets I want to do.

Anyway more as soon as I can get it done.


  1. I find it impressive that you know everything you have....

    1. Well that's not counting my 6mm Prussian infantry brigade, deadzone stuff and other odds and ends. But the main reason I know is 3 years of continuous work keeping track in general of what I do and don't have.

  2. Very nice comprehensive list. I keep putting off inventorying my lead mountain...I think it would be depressing hahaha

    1. Lol only partial list there. A while ago (year or two) I had a long period were I couldn't do any real hobby stuff so started cataloging my stuff to make life easier. Since then I've just added and subtracted from it when needed. Still haven't finished actually.