Friday, July 17, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #28 2015

Been another good week. I managed to finish off the 2x2 building.
I am going with 8 points since most of one side is open and of course one more model completed.

Then I also assembled a bunch more scatter terrain. To be honest though. I have no idea how I should paint my different rubble piles. I also assembled the last xv9 with fusion cascades and did more prep work on the three other xv9s.

The next week or so I plan on mainly doing assembley tasks. A bunch of drones, 5 more suits and whatever else I get my hands on. By the way what do you guys think of the posts with smaller pictures?


  1. Great progress! Those buildings are looking great!

    1. Thanks I like the scheme so much I'm going to use a similar one on one of my mercy starters.

  2. Looking good man!

    I think the smaller pics work fine.