Saturday, July 25, 2015

6MMRPC/ Painting Table #29 2015

You may have noticed a lack of posts this week. There are 2 reasons for that, mainly the humidity at the moment which has killed a lot of my hobby time, the other part is I will be on vacation by the time you read this. So I wanted to maximize  my available hobby time with my prep work. Since at this point my airbrush is almost useless do to the temp/humidity.

So here is what I did. One big wall of pictures ahead. In short I got both towers assembled and one primed and the yellow done. I assembled one of the XV9 suits with phased ion guns. Primed some ruins, walls and such to paint up. Cleaned up the 12 remaining Dystopian wars frigates for my two factions. Assembled and cleaned up my Texico faction box for Mercs. Assembled some stripped Gun drones. Finaly I started painting some wall sections and doors for the 2x1 buildings already finished.

Not pictured but also done was the clean up of a bunch more deadzone stuff. Getting ready to assemble some bridges and maybe a few more smaller buildings. So you can look forward to more assembly pictures and maybe even painting next week. I am hopping to get more done soon since on the table now along with whats assembled is another 3 jokers.



  1. What happens with the air brush in high temp/humidity? Does it blow condensed water?

    1. I find the paint dries...oddly and causes it to layer in weird ways. You lose the predictability of your mixes when it spikes past 60% I've found.

      I actually purchase a dehumidifier to try and keep in in the 40%'s, seems to help immensely, and helps keep the temps more bearable. (24C in 40% humidity is a lot different then in 90%!)

    2. Greg pretty much hit it on the head. I also tend to have a lot of clogging issues. It's easier for me to just not touch it for about a month or month and a half each year.