Friday, August 28, 2015

6MMRPC/Painting Table #35 2015

This week was pretty good overall. I started the week cleaning up all the Aquan ships I have so I can wash them this weekend. This week I also started the construction of my Dark Eldar BFG fleet and my sons Tyranid fleet.
3 cruisers and 5 escorts

5 Kraken and 3 escorts

4 claw Kraken
 I then decided to paint 2 1x1 buildings.

I plan on picking up the necessary bits to make more escorts and cruisers for both fleets in the future. The buildings are half of the current ready to be painted buildings. The main thing I have left to paint for them is two towers which I may do next week. Then a bunch of bridges and walls once the airbrush is up and running again. Speaking of that I should be able to start airbrushing soon. So I can also finish those suits off. We will also see both Dropzone Commander forces and more space ships of mine of course. I have a neat idea for the Dark Eldar.

Anyway that is 2 more models and I am only going to take 4 points for the pair.
More as I get it done.


  1. Those BFG ships are cool looking! Another GW boutique game I now kind of want to get into!

    1. You can make decent dark eldar and pyramid forces. Stairways has good tau and eldar proxies. And I know a few places for imperial/chaos forecasts and proxies.