Saturday, August 1, 2015

Late mid year review

So lets go back over the goals for the year.

1. Paint all the tau stuff I have.
2. Paint the 2 merc forces I have
3. Paint 400 points
4. Build/paint at least 2 pieces of terrain.
5. Paint more than I buy again. preferably on the 2 to 1 scale
6. $350 or less in spending

So where are we in the grand scheme of things.
1. All but 13 drones and 9 suits done. After they are finished it will be all good for now. I may in the future add new things but I have no plans to.

2. The first Merc force is assembled and will hopefully be painted soon. The other shouldn't be to far behind.

3. I am currently at 335 points. Well on my way to the 400 point goal for the year.

4. This one is completely done. I have painted way more than 2 pieces of terrain this year. Just with the planets I did, never mind all the deadzone stuff.

5. So far the paint more than I buy is well ahead of the goal with  156 to 41.

6. I am once again over budget by $45 and change. This will hopefully be different in the future.

Now for the 6MMRPC stuff.
1. Tau, a bunch of firewarriors/pathfinders, some kroot and about 9 suits are left at this point
2. BFG Tau, should have the first 3 finished by end of month.
3. The 2 other earth shakers
4.The 2 Mercs starter sets, something like 14 models
5.The Aqua ships I have running around, I think 10 or so models
6. The dystopian war ships I found the other day, frigates for both fleets maybe 5 or 6 each.

1. As noted above this one is well on the way to being finished.
2. Already finished.
3. Finished though not painted.
4. As with part 2 in first part.
5. Not even looked at yet.
6. Cleaned up waiting for paint.

That already earned me 1 joker, I am not sure for the earthshakers since I mainly finished them since I had them. They are still available to a good home by the way just for the cost of shipping. The Epic Space Marines and Titan group are also still available.


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