Friday, October 16, 2015

Dreadtober/ 6MMRPC/ Painting Table #42 2015

This week was very productive. I finished off the 3 razorback turrets, 2 two SRS tokens for the dindrenzi and all 3 dreads.

So that wraps up my Dindrenzi force until the far future when I can get some more frigates and cruisers. That also wraps up my Razorbacks/Rhinos and the 3 dreads for my talon. The next thing up will probably be the aqua ships i have ready to paint. After that no idea. The main thing I have left for this year is more terrain and such. I am already thinking of what will happen next year.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanx manage oh and congrats on 100 and 50k.

  2. Well done Aruki, your powering through those projects!

    1. You should see how bad I am when I'm stuck. These only go fast because I know exactly what I want done. Lack of real basing prob saves time too.

  3. Awesome work man...three dreads already wow!