Tuesday, December 1, 2015

6MMRPC Wrap Up

Figured I would do a short write up of what I managed to finish during this challenge.

Let's start with a review of what I wanted to finish.
1. Tau, a bunch of firewarriors/pathfinders, some kroot and about 9 suits are left at this point
2. BFG Tau, should have the first 3 finished by end of month.
3. The 2 other earth shakers
4.The 2 Mercs starter sets, something like 14 models
5.The Aqua ships I have running around, I think 10 or so models
6. The dystopian war ships I found the other day, frigates for both fleets maybe 5 or 6 each.

I also wanted to do some terrain and such. So here is what I did finish.
1. I finished everything for the Tau.
2. Bfg tau and Bfg Dark Eldar were completed.
3. They were built but never painted since my overall gaming focus has changed.
4. I completed both of the Mercs starter sets.
5. I completed all the aqua and dindrenzi ships.
6. I completed all the Dystopian war ships.
7. I completed 5 of the 7 Nomad models from the infinity starter.
8. I completed a bunch of buildings and other terrain.
9. Completed both DZC starter sets

I think this is about everything. I may have missed some stuff here or there. I however completed all of the projects I set out to do. Along with a bunch of other stuff. I am happy with my overall work during this project.

I have joined up with GMG painting support group for next year.

Make sure you check out what everyone else has done on their blogs because there has been a ton of work done.


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