Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 painting challenge

All right here is my rough idea for how to do points for my models.

6mm figure= 0.25
10mm/15mm figure, FOW small vehicle, 6mm vehicle, Dystopian wars fighter=0.5
28mm figure, FOW tank/large vehicle, Dystopian wars ships/bombers, Firestorm Armada Space ships=1
28mm large model/tank=5

Comments or your ideas are welcome. I am also going to try and keep track of the overall number of models I have that need to be painted and painted for each game. That will require a day or two to tally up though. As for my goals points wise. I believe with the current point system a goal of 200 points by the end of the year would be good. Mainly I think this because of my current model count this is achievable. But I will make the final decision after I do a model tally. Mainly because I am sure I can reach that with just my mantic dwarf army, maybe.

As for what I am going to get rid of, I have been considering this a lot the last two weeks. I think I am going to get rid of my IG foot army, except for a small number to use as allies, as well as my battle tech (here I need to actually acquire the correct models for my chosen force), as well as my High Elves (very small force that I just don’t feel like building up and painting anymore). I am also considering thinning out the massive number of marine models I have. I will also definitely get rid of my infinity stuff. I only bought the models and such for a competition that was running here and gave them a quick ugly paint job so I could play a few games. I may also thin out my epic marines. Mainly because I am pretty sure I have enough to do a whole chapter and really don’t need that many. But I still need to acquire a few more key models I don’t have.

More on exact goals, model count and year to date spending in another day or two. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to drop me a line. Until then later. 

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