Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Dropzone commander PHR starter

Just a quick review. I got this starter at the end of last month. The models are very very nice. I was a little worried at first because of some of the reviews I read from back when the models first came out. But, it seems there are no problems. The models are beautifully detailed and have very little flash. I am planning on picking up more in trade or later in this year after I get enough points. I will give a review of my first impression of the rule book in the near future. mainly just my first impressions. If you want some great models even if you don't want to play the game check them out. (sorry about photos, blogger wont put them the right way.)

Partial back

What you get in the box (actually i love the foam insert)

The normal square and peg flight stands used by many companies

Tanks are 3 peaces each

1 set of the walkers

one of the neptunes

metal immortals and there resin type bases

That's it for today and in another day or two painting update along with a example of how to magnetize and how not to magnetize dystopian wars stuff.


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