Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This blog has been dead for a while just because of life. My hobby time for both painting and gaming has been almost nil. This has mainly been because of changing work schedules and new family members. During this New Year I would like to repurpose the blog to help motivate me to start painting again and complete many of the projects I have started but never finished. This will include stuff that’s already on here and many new things. Along the way I will have to also weed out some projects and get rid of them in trade via barter town or eBay if possible. I will also try using the point count system to see how many point I can get for painting and keep track of miniature spending over the year.

My current projects are:
Finish basing all of my tau (also considering striping and repainting these)
Paint and base my foot IG army
Paint and base my SM
Paint and base my British FOW
Paint and base my Military order Infinity
Paint and base my WAB Romans (warlord games)
Paint my Dystopian wars (Prussian and British )
Paint my Dropzone commander (PHR)
Paint my firestorm armada (Aqua)
Paint and base my Mantic dwarf army
Paint and base WFB HE
Paint my Battletech
Paint and base epic space marines

I will endeavor to post at least once a week with updates to my painting and monthly on my acquisitions. In next day or two I will be posting the point system I will be using for painting and my current year to date (even though it’s only 9 days into new year) of money spent and such.

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