Friday, May 24, 2013

Omni stand review and some helpful info

So far I have used omni stands for my FSA dindrenzi and for my DW bombers. I plan on using them on my dropzone commander stuff in the future. Here are a few useful pieces of information I have picked up.

1. The small mounts are great for just about all your needs.

2. You really do need the regular mounting pegs for larger models and they need a larger hole than you would think from the picture ( my dindrenzi battleships for example)

3. DW bombers should use the small mounts even though they don't sit quite flush. This is because the amount of drilling necessary to make the regular mounting peg fit deforms the model quite a bit.
4. Measure your bases for each ship you get is the easiest way to find what size base you need.
4a. The etched bases make life so much easier in so many games.
5. Corsec doesn't answer emails that have questions.

As a whole I love the product and it makes life much easier, especially across multiple games. The only down side to dealing with the company that I found is there was little communication received when buying the product and their shipping method takes forever (my package spent over a week sitting in florida). I also found that when I was trying to decide the correct products to buy, corsec provided no help what so ever. Even though I sent them multiple emails over a 6 month period. If it wasn't for some friendly people on multiple different games forums I wouldn't have known exactly what to buy. So in conclusion, great product bad communication.

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images used without consent and are property of corsec engineering, producers of omni stand.

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