Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spending update

With the preview of my next project it is time to show you the cost. For those that couldn't or didn't want to guess the project I have been planning  researching and buying since last October is going to be a 6mm Prussian 1808 army.

So here is the breakdown.

Baccus 6mm models: -$90.37
Paint: -$17.92

May:- $108.29
YTD Total: -$277.58

Suffice to say I need to sell some more stuff off because I have gone over my end limit for the year. On the bright side I should be able to build the complete army with leftover calvary and do officers as well. I plan on using BP rules though with the basing I am doing I should be able to use it for other systems as well. I am not sure yet how they will translate points wise into BP but am very interested to see. I will be posting a review of the Baccus minis and some personal opinion on things that happen throughout my dealings with the company.

More on this next week,

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