Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting update

Well I have almost finished off all the FSA dindrenzi. All thats left is painting a few guns, gun decks and touch up. Should have them done this week.
On the epic chapter front I have made some progress. I have decided to use most of the devastator units I built for doing battle companies instead. I have two complete yet to be painted battle companies and 2 that need more assault marines to be finished. I also have most of the devastator company ready as well. The main thing holding back this project besides time for all the painting is my massive lack of assault marines (still need about 25 bases worth) along with the need for more tanks of all types, except land raiders. I could also use more termies and scouts. But the project goes on. On the bright side I have all the required plus extra command bits done. This will make it so that if I can play, EA, NETEA, and NETEPIC with all of these units. The main problem as I said is tanks and assault marines. I even now have an imperator titan, 2 warlords and 3 warhounds to go with this chapter. I want to acquire another warhound and 2 reavers (maybe 3)as well. I should probably get a few thunderhawks to but that I may proxy just because of the crazy prices these days for them.

Another update in a day or two.

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