Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thoughts on upcoming GW stuff and update

Overall, I am not really excited. The rumors of a new apocalypse and models for it don't excite me in the slightest. This maybe because of my local playing environment and available play time. Here I usually see 1 big apocalypse weekend a year. The rest of the time you never see it. In fact even when they did planet fall and such I never saw any of the games played. As for play time I have spent whole days playing games before but it was usually multiple 2500 point games. Not one giant game. As for everyone having super heavies that's great but I am not going to drop the money on them when I will basically never use them. As it is the local scene seems to be dropping in points because people want more quick games. This is even scene by how popular a lot of other companies games have become here.

I know this is a bit contradiction when two of my current projects, epic sm chapter and Prussian 1812 army, are rather large. But they also take up almost no space. And both are fulfilling some long term goals I have had even if I never play them completely.

As for the books being available on more platforms. This I do like, since I am considering picking up the new marine codex when it comes out as a digital one, mainly due to space. Though I still thinking the prices will be a bit crazy.

Now their are no pictures for what I have been working on because I have basically been testing different paint strippers, though now I have pine sol, most of the tested cleaners just don't work. Even when left in them for a week. I have literally spent about 10hrs this week at night scrubbing my tau and some epic trying to get them ready to paint up. I dream of being able to buy simple green and just making my life much easier.

I should have a post either this weekend or on Monday with pictures of all the stuff I have assembled and hopefully some almost finished dindrenzi, if I can squeeze some painting time in this weekend. Either way normal painting posts and such will start up again next week.


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