Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sell off part 2: bases

That's right it's time for the next part of the sell off and this time the focus is bases. Without further ado here is what I have feel free to drop me offers on this stuff.

2 packages each of 10 of litko asteroid flight stands for firestorm armada

28 bases used in firestorm armada and dystopian wars for flying stuff with  18 sticks for the bases.

119 used square bases, the ones for regular infantry in fantasy and such

105 new square bases, same as above

most of above I would like to sell of each group together as in all the used going to one person etc etc.

The last group I will only sell or trade as a group.

A set of the following mantic bases
13 of there square bases with round holes in them
1 bigger green one 3 smaller green ones (see pic)

So drop me a line if your interested. Cash is good but trades are fine as well.


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