Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sell off part 3: Mantic and Firestorm armada

As you can see there is mantic and firestorm armada up for grabs today. As usual prefer to sell these in lots  but will consider offers for smaller lots. Any prices listed are just for general guidance and not what I am expecting to be paid.

First off the nice and easy firestorm armada. An almost $50 value new.
1 Terran Battleship, assembled and primed except for guns which I kept off
1 Terran Carrier NIB

Next up is the Mantic elves lot: Around $25.00 value.
2x 10 man sprues of Bowmen with Command
1x 2man sprue of elves scouts

Followed by the Undead lot: around $25.00 value
2x 10 man sprues of Undead Reveants with command

After that we have the Basilea Lot: Around $45 value. (side note I do have some other models for this army runing around, if there is interest I will dig them out)
10x Sisterhood panther lancers
1 sprue of 10 men at arms

Finaly, I have a orcs Fight wagon/gore chariot from the kickstarter. Honestly I am not sure which one it is. Worth around $20.

As always if anything catches your fancy drop me a line. This should be the last one for now everything will be listed this weekend on Btown for about a week and then I will just Feebay it off. There is also some stuff that I havent posted on the For sale trade area, namely some 40k marines.


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