Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where I have been

So life in general has been going fine but at work everything kinda hit the fan. The place basically is falling apart. So I got out while the getting was good. Last week was also two holidays which screwed with things a bit. Yesterday I spent catching up on stuff around the house, spending time with the kids and started putting out crap for a new job. I also started scratch building some stuff. So I have a bunch of things to report.  Today I even did a little bit of painting.

Spending: I spent a big chunk of change mainly on some kits I want to use as a main component of my scratch build I also bought some other dud dads to help out with the process.  Mainly it was   3 guntanks from the HGUC series of  gundam. These guys are going to form the bases for my scratch built earth shaker/heavy mortars. Along with tubing and such for doing all the scratch building I have planed.

So I spent $68.80 in total.
I am quickly approaching my self imposed goal.
So June: -$68.80
YTD: -$268.88

I will post more updates over the coming days as I get stuff done. I will also be showing off the proxy scouts in next few days with a review as well. I will also hopefully be on track for a painting table this weekend. ME 36 is also in full swing and I will post when I get stuff.


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