Saturday, July 5, 2014


I have been silent since the last post mainly because I have been in a funk and busy. My funk stems from hurting myself not long after the last post. I was rushing through making a steak and cheese bomb when I sliced myself nice and deeply across the left hand just under the joints. Suffice to say I now have 5 stitches which will be out by the time this post gets up. Unfortunately it also meant the holding models or even building them was out the window since I can’t move the fingers much. This is even being typed one handed. Yeah, yeah stupid me. I have however been shopping, planning and getting work done for my new job in advance so that I will have a more free time to get painting done.
So let’s start with what I have been planning. I have sat down and drafted out a list of the next dozen or so things I want to build/paint etc. Starting, with those tau suits, which are still on my desk. That will then be followed by more epic and some 40k marines. I have also started planning future conversion projects and even bought some stuff for another force.  That is the basic plan for now.
Next up we have the spending I did recently. I bought a bunch of new on sprue models from “x” company for my new force that will be heavily converted. I still will need to pick up more bits for them, my earth shaker carriages  and for my marines. So there will be at least a bit more spending on that front. Them along with a couple of tank models I picked up on the cheap to supplement the scratch building set me back a grand total of $55.00.
That makes my spending:
June: $55.00
YTD: $255.08
Painting wise I didn’t do as well as I wanted due to me injuring my hand. I only got 34.5 points for the month.
Which gives me a YTD total of 164.5  points. I painted 100+ more models for a total of 494 models painted. I still need to sit down and figure out how many point are done up but I plan on doing that over the next few days. The new job and hours in general will make life much more fulfilling and productive I think. So keep your eyes open. There will be the review I promised next week along with more details on plans and stuff I am flogging off.


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