Saturday, July 19, 2014

Painting table Saturday #20: Success

Well I managed to complete my goal along with a few other things this week.
So with out further ado here are the 4 complete broadsides, 4 crisis suits and 2 heavy gun drones all finished off. This week also saw me getting set up for stealth suit and devil fish painting along with more work on the earth shaker. Then just to spice things up a massive move of furniture all over the place and the beginning of recovery from it. Along with trying to better organize all my hobby stuff again.

The next project will be the 2 devilfish, shadowsun, 3 marksmen ( I think that's what they are called now) and the 12 stealth suits.

I also plan on breaking out and painting at least 1 more company from the Epic space marine chapter before the end of the month. Also want to get that marines painted and off my desk.
July: 13 points
YTd: 177.5 points

Models painted: 10
Ytd painted:  504

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