Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review of Biostrip20 : first test and thoughts

So I did use my Biostrip20 not too long ago on some epic rhinos to test it out. I used two models and let them sit for two different times. The one on the left sat for 35 minutes before being scrubbed off and the one on the right sat for 60 minutes. The stuff worked great and didn’t really require any special precautions. It had no distinctive smell and even my son who is sensitive to such things had no problems after being in the same room as them and touching them.

covered in biostrip

after scrub and rinse

Shipping was a little expensive for me but as long as the stuff stays wet it is supposed to stay good. The small tub (500ml) set me back £6.67 originally and shipping was £10.15. The only problem is even if you want to order multiple ones in that order they cost £10.15 each to have shipped. NOTE: this is the case for shipping to South Korea. Please contact them for your own quote on shipping cost. Overall after my first trial I liked it. But I want to test it on a more extensive basis before I use it as my go to for paint stripping. Though given the options I have this is one of the best and is much safer than anything else I have found in South Korea.

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