Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: T.J.H. Models asteroids

So awhile ago I backed this kickstarter. Here are what they look like.

They are good quality rock and I love the color. I do wish they were a bit bigger but not the end of the wold. They will work well for x wing, not sure how well they will work for FSA. They may actually be just the write size to give a bit of scale to the ships. I will figure it out when I get around to doing new group pics of stuff.  Delivery was cheap and fast, the only down size I have found is I need to varnish them. But as different people have different tastes when it comes to this it was a smart idea. The stands are normal fare and the places to glue them in are solidly glued. Overall I am quite satisfied with this purchase and wish I had gotten more.


  1. They look pretty great! Are these available outside of the kickstarter?

    1. haven't seen any posts about that yet but he also just finished up mailing all the stuff recently and it was a one man operation so he may be taking a breather.