Saturday, September 6, 2014

Update and August round up

The update is short and sweet. I have done nothing. This last few days have been rather busy and so will this weekend into next week. Here is South Korea it is a major 3 day holiday called Chuseok. Suffice to say lots of cooking, cleaning, people etc, to deal with. I did receive my marines that I got dirt cheap and hope to take a crack at testing the paint stripper properly now that I have painted models that need to be stripped. So look forward to the final review of Biostrip 20.

As for August it was a pretty good month for painting. For epic I completed the 3 detachments for the 5th company, the 8th company and the 10th company. I also completed 6 stealth suits for the tau. Now this month was good compared to past months but still not as good as I want, especially on the 28mm side. Unfortunately life just hasn't been co-operating enough and I really want to succeed in my goal of finishing off the epic SM chapter. Which honestly there isn't much left of.

Now a quick look at all the points and such.

Aug: 58.50
YTD: 236

Models painted:
Aug: 209 models
YTD; 713 models

Aug: -$30.00
Ytd: -$285.08

I have also bought a few new things this past week, namely two dreadnaughts, which will go into the siege list once stripped painted and properly armed. Though I still need 1 more cheap one to fill out the unit.  Which will be added to Septembers spending.
Sep: -$30.00
YTD: -$315.08

I finally also sat down and figured out actual painted points for most of the models, the heavy gun drones I need to look up again and the titans for epic don't include their weapon load outs and that doesn't include the huge ass titan I got..

Points painted:
DWs: 365points
40K: 659+points
Ancients: points
DZC: points
FSA: 650 points
Epic: 8075+points
Total: 9749+points

Suffice to say though that I smashed my actual points goal for the year.

Anyway more as I can get it done.


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