Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life and Plans for the next few months

As the tittle says this post is about life and plans. Well I need to change jobs/get a new job the end of October and start in November, I hope. That being what it is my painting time and hobby time will take a hit until life evens out again. I hope this will normalize around mid November and should start going a bit batty mid to end of October. I just don't know yet.

Now 6MMRPC wise October is undead themed and such. But any undead stuff I have is no where near seeing the light of day so I will not being doing it this time around. Mainly because I want to focus on the current projects. By the end of the year there are 4 projects I want to finish and 2 more I hope to finish.

Need to finish:
1. warzone bahraus
2. warzone Imperials
3. FSA Aqua
4. FSA Dindrenzi

Want to finish:
1.DZC Phr
2. DZC shaltari

So what else is on the horizon that I am either planing or need to do? I hear you not asking. Well that list is a bit longer.
1. Space Marine Seige Company (70 ish models with some conversions needed
2. Mordheim ( I have at least 2 warbands in the works already would like to do 4 or 5 in total
3. Frostgrave (2 or 3 warbands in the works, I think)
4. Deadzone (enforcers and plague to do, along with some zombie guys)
5.Roman Seas fleets (need to print and make)
6 DW ( I have more naval I want and maybe some ground stuff)
7. This is not a test (nothing made yet but I want to get into it)
8. Necromunda (nothing made up yet but I want to get into it)
9. More BFG (I want a few more tau ships and need to convert more DE, Nid and maybe imperials or chaos)
10. ????

As you can see the list burns out towards the end because I dont remember what else is on my plate, I am sure there was more stuff. Anyway a little blurb on whats to come and what is still left to do.