Monday, April 29, 2013

Being a wargamer in South Korea and an interesting dice post.

First off check out this link . He did a great study on dice that I think everyone should read.

Now the main event. To begin with this post isn't made to criticize or anger anyone. I am just trying to give out some info for any wargamers that come to South Korea. Because I know from experience it can be very difficult to find any information.

Being a wargamer in South Korea is very tough. There is only really one store in all of South Korea. (see the Orc Town link) It is a great little shop but it is a little shop. Also if you don't live near it, it can be very tough to find the time to go there. You tend to rely heavily on internet based companies to get models and supplies you want. This is because there are not many model stores and such. Usually if they exist they only sell the Tamaya range or a Korean brand. Mainly the stuff is car, airplane, gundam or train focused. However, what supplies you can find are usually reasonably priced. Case and point would be my air compressor and spray booth. ( I will be trying to review more Korean model supplies in such in the future)

Finding people to play games with can also be tough if you play something that either hasn't been introduced here or just isn't popular. A good example of what is usually played in Seoul at the moment is 40k, fantasy, PP, infinity and FOW. Other than that there isn't much else. There are a few other foreigners, like myself, that play historicals but other than that you're in trouble. But for example, I also have FSA, DZC, DW and a few other games that you just don't see and some have never even heard of.

There do exist multiple other clubs in Seoul for playing, but they are basicly korean only. Some welcome foreigners but to be honest the few people I have known that have gone to them have had a mediocre experience with them at best. I myself have never been to one mainly because the store is closer to me than any of the clubs. Only a small number of the koreans (who wargame) I have met over the years speak much english and are willing to play foreign players even if they don't speak english. So speaking Korean is a huge plus if you want to play a lot and maybe have a great experience at these clubs or even join one. Now I should point out this is basically what's open to the average joe.

Cost wise, things like 40k and fantasy are a bit more expensive but that is mainly due to the cost of importing it. The cost difference is usually rather small but not always. That is why when the only store in South Korea doesn't sell what I want, I usually turn to companies from the UK.

The future of wargaming in South Korea I think will get better as time goes on. Most of the Koreans that play are in there 20's. And it attracts a lot of different types of people. They actively discuss and many of them are above average in painting. If more stories open up in the future I am sure the base will grow dramatically. One of the things that I think is killing the industry here is how hard it is for people to get the models. I would love and hate to try and open a store here in South Korea. The cost for space in a decent location is crazy. Nevermind trying to import all the stuff. Even running a club here would be rather expensive.

The best part of the experience for me personally has been the people I have met and the things I have learned. In the learned category I have learned a lot about being a better player and practical things like painting and such that I never learned when I first started playing about 15 years ago. Outside of Seoul it is even harder. If you are curious by how much more difficult  take a peek at this

Anyway just figured it might be an interesting bit for anyone thinking of wargaming in South Korea.

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