Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fighters finished ships are getting there

As the post says the ships are about 50% done.


The fighters are finished. All 43 of them. I did 13 bombers, 15 torpedos and 15 fighters. Though I may go back and make their squad markings another color because they are a bit hard to see. I am also not interally happy with the cloud effect I tried to do. Will need to do more research at some point to fix them.

So that brings this months painting score up 21.5 points
April: 42.5 points
Ytd: 167.5 points

So quickly approaching my next goal which makes me happy because I can buy my next project. Teaser on that soon. As for other things in the works I want to do up a test model for my redone tau and really get going on my firestorm armada.

Till then,

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