Thursday, April 11, 2013

spending, painting and what's on the bench update

First off, let me apologize  The painting update itself is minimal  I spent a lot of time completing another project, starting to look more at what my tau need and practicing with my airbrush. What I did do I did last night. Which was using my airbrush for the first time to basecoat the 43 fighters for my DW Britannia. I also prepared all the ships and will basecoat and do some other painting with the airbrush on them tonight.

 As a side note I used this Vallejo surface primer on the right for all the base coating and it worked beautifully.
The Following pics are my workbench were I have started taking apart my old broadsides and crisis suits so I can convert and paint them more. To be honest my tau are abysmal  I basically did a black coat tossed in some green and gray so I had the 3 colour min I needed for playing and that was it. So you will see a lot of these guys as I get them up to spec. 

Spending wise all I have bought recently was the tau codex.

April: - $53.75
YTD: -$114.32

Better painting update next week once I have had a chance to actually paint. Over next couple days and weeks I will also be posting more tau related articles and getting to work on my tutorials. 

till then,

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