Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Tau codex

Just a few quick first impressions about one of my favorite armies.

The good:
Overall, I like the new codex. The huge amount of new special characters and the changes to drone squads and pathfinders I like overall. Not sure how I feel about the changes to suits in general as I was never a huge fan of them.

The bad:
Honestly there is only 1 thing that stuck in my craw about the new codex and it is the fluff. Personally I think they could have do more to develope the fluff. Overall there was very little added to fluff except for some interesting stuff about farsight, a few of the ethereals and of course the new characters. The one thing that really confused me actually deals with the kroot. Supposedly they no longer know why the Kroot eat certain things. They only have an idea. So gone are the days of oh the kroot do it to absorb the dna they want. This also goes for all the other types of kroot. This I feel was done more from an imperial point of view than tau which kind of annoys me.
I really wished they had done more on all these other alien races especially those that supposedly have died off. Or explored more about there problems with other races.

Overall I do like the new codex and it opens up some interesting new options and ideas. The only thing that really annoys me overall is about the new broadside models. By making them so much bigger it kind of puts me in the place of having to replace my 4 regular ones (will convert them to crisis suits) and my 2 forgeworld ones. This for me is more annoying than any problems with list and fluff (mainly due to cost of replacing them).

I will do a review of a couple interesting changes over the next few weeks. Starting with one of my favorite units: sniper drone squads.

till then

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