Monday, April 1, 2013

March round up

This month was pretty good overall for painting. I would like to average 35points a month over the year.
March:49 points
YTD: 125points

I have also decided to move my final goal up to 500 points.

Spending it was a crazy month.

+$538.10 for IG army sold on feebay
-$100.85 for compressor
-$64.15 for tools/paints/etc
-$70.06 for DZC models and FSA rule book
-$96.88 for DZC shaltari starter
-$54.19 for FSA dindrenzi starter
-$93.01 for omni stand order

This brings March's total to:

+ $58.96

Ytd the total it

YTD: -$60.57

Which will only increase with this months new tau codex and my plan to buy my baccus army and bases. Tomorrow I will post a new update for painting where I finished a bunch more models and talk about my next project.

until then

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