Monday, August 26, 2013

August round up

This will be short and sweet. I have spent nothing and painted nothing.
With all the prep for moving and then the move being delayed all I have really done is assembly and a tiny bit of priming/base coating.

Painting wise I am at:

Painting points= 252.75
Goal = 500

About halfway there. I think I should be able to make it by the end of december.
Spending wise:

Total: -$270.95

Goal: max of -$250.00

Even though this is over my goal of $250.00 or less this year I am fine with this. I have sold off quite a lot. gained quite a lot and will not feel that bad if it reaches $300.00 which it probably will.

As for total points painted I am still working on figuring that out.
At the moment the mininum amount I have painted is around 3000+ points across 5 game systems. I know it is higher but have yet to figure out by how much.

Next month I expect this to change quite a lot since I have more than a few models ready to be painted up. I will also have some spending as I still need liquid green stuff. Other than that I will finish off the review of baccus models and show off my new set up.

So see you all next month with real updates.

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